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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The house of slots - a fascinating place with great appeal and populated by a large and diverse group of slot machine fanatics. No major skill or strategy involved here, all you need is a burning desire to have super fun.
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The term progressive slots is used in reference to a slot machine (both at online casinos and land casinos) that starts out with a jackpot win value of a certain amount and increases with each coin that is played. The amount of the jackpot is constantly determined by the total amount of coins and increases continually with each sequence of plays, sometimes reaching gigantic proportions (hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars). Progressive slots are also called dynamic jackpots (obviously because they always increase, hence they are dynamic by nature).

Take note that progressive slot machines typically require that you play the maximum number of coins in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot win. Undoubtedly, there is probably no worse a feeling than hitting a progressive jackpot, only not having played the necessary number of coins.

Progressives are where the big money is. Good online casinos will have several of these games. The Grand Online Casino for example has several progressive jackpots including Big Strike, Hot Rod, Crown Jewels and Jersey Girl slots. Since 1997, the Grand Online Casino has paid out millions of dollars to lucky players worldwide so they’re definitely highly recommended by the House-of-Slots team.

What are the odds of winning at progressive slots?

The odds of being the big winner for one of these progressives are proportional to the size of the jackpot. On small progressive slots there are more wins. On larger progressive slots, there are fewer wins. But someone always ends up winning – eventually. Smaller progressive slots may get hits (jackpot winners) as many as four or five times a day and sometimes even more than that. This adds to the allure and excitement surrounding progressives at the Casinos, as so many people play and hope that they get to pose beside a big fat check for millions on the winners’ wall.

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